Everything going bit well.

Everything going bit well.

My Niche has been going extremely well, given I had to do my own products and keep in contact with, and touch with what I do. Really this is an update of the progress continuing to be made.

I caught on to the idea as my pages are a lot of affiliate links and because I am more use to dealing with people myself. I added an extension where I have direct contact with people.

Using Instagram and Tumblr, Google plus Twitter. Pinter est and Face book marketplace and the Real gold and sterling group UK only.

For social contact, mainly showing my product and chatting to people and it had blossomed.a lot.

Sourcing for Real gold products and reselling see chart above for gold content chart. From Rings, Chains, Pendants, Bracelets and plenty more secondhand vintage to antique jewelry products…its been a great improvement having actual contact myself instead of the affiliate links although this is still attached to my business plan.



I am so pleased with my progress and even getting new comments in Instagram Facebook and hopeful of continuous growing. Also, my followers have grown and I also enjoy following others so I can see what they are doing.

My sterling silver products are lovely and so far have been rings, chains, pendants, earrings identity bracelets charm bracelets and T -bracelets and plenty more. I also deal with all/ if any problems occur myself, and have only had 3 returns in over 3000 products loooool. These were recent which encourages me to always check my products .

Please see my social media links


So its been exciting and very great results and will be continuing into the end of 2018 to 2019 when I should begin to set up my shop. I looked into starting one on shopify but think I have decided to use what I am familiar with eBay shop start up. These will be all new products and I will also add a secondhand section of vintage or antique products.

Anyway just to let you know what I’ve been up to and progress made. Also, thank all my customers for the support. If you should like to start up business recall I started by using Wealthy Affiliates .

See links above if you are interested.

Also, to contact me for any support this is my email: anthea3pointsaboutyellowjewellry@bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net Anthea All the best xx

Products for gifts…jewelry

Xmas on yule tide gifts.

Not rushed as I am here each year, and firstly would like to wish all a happy Xmas yule tide. I have a tendency to wait till last minute to get my gifts..although some start buying anytime.

I am not going to put products on this page just chat as if products are wanted from my business, they can be bought from the products section.

Also, I’m not restrictive to Xmas as gifts are things which can be granted whenever a person wants to give.

For me gifts are sentimental and are given for free e.g meaning one gives because they want to give.

I reckon in modern day we are continuously thinking of reasons to give and occasions can be varied and plentiful.

List which occasions you celebrate below and what makes them special for you.

Also, if a stranger gave you a gift would you appreciate it?

Join in leave comments on all the above ideas and please add your own ideas

Are you feeling pressured to give..can you be creative instead of using money to buy things?

How does it make you feel to give and receive something?

Thank you have a Happy Xmas and Yule tide From Anthea Charles if you wish to contact me please do : anthea3pointsaboutyellowjewellry@bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net

I started doing short videos- initially worried .

I started doing short videos

i initially worried about this as new to me and still haven’t done live video. But i did start a short video by using my mobile phone and attaching it to my face book page. I decided then as the first one had been a bit dark to use my time trying to improve on the first one and will do one every Monday and add to my business now too.

I have placed it within my face book group and feeling more confident now especially as i got some inbox messages and some people have listened in to it. Its situated on my page

https://www.face book.com/greatdaysahead/videos/2057909034501087/

Above link is the video…ANTHEA’S JEWELRY PRODUCTS.

You will also see with the link below where all the videos will be situated. I intend to do different short videos on a Monday each week to attract. Included you will see i use 13 cards and 1 of these cards bares a gift which is applicable each week, with a different gift. The gifts can be a product of gold, silver or costume jewelry.

https://www.face book.com/greatdaysahead/videos/?ref= Also another reason for encouraging myself to do videos is that i intend to also include a shop page for sterling silver products alone too. From there on to continue to build on my business plan. As i couldn’t leave sterling silver or real silver ‘out i love it’.

The original business page will still be there with kobelli.com, www.goldia.com and QP jewellers affiliate links too. But i wanted to add a supportive network of contact directly to myself and so have started this. I think it’s great as it will allow additional contact direct to myself.

With this said i place products in groups on face book and market place and continue to get sales and feedback and also e bay and get supportive feedback from there.

Well with all good intent i would love to have all my own products on here but whether do it by just added them. Continue reading “I started doing short videos- initially worried .”

Not Hallowean No

Not Hallowean No I think I will put on a Yule tide page for Xmas

Hoping tho Gage your attention with these they are from Godia.com.

A very good price range for these diverse products..which I beg you to take a good look at and buy early if you do intend to buy…so that they reach you on time for the December festivity.

Gorgeous ideas in fact leafs Holy, Oak and plenty more variety dipped in genuine gold and very attractive pieces which are useful and can be reused. I will leave it up to you I will leave it short today in the hope you will definitely look and buy from my page

PLEASE ALSO LEAVE COMMENTS and also my email detail is : anthea3pointsaboutyellowjewellry@bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net and also antheacharles220@gmail.com

Also, please note this is an additional temporary page to my business and will be removed the first week in January 2019… Happy new Year !

New Project-Developing sterling silver jewelry shop

Short video showing cards I will use with prizes when I ran video sales.

House of tranquility harmonyhouseconversations good health/health cardwisdomhappinesslettersnew beginningsbast/finance

13 cards

romance and heart cardfriendship and Equilibrium xx

These are the cards that will be used when I sell sterling silver jewelry and they will have attached gifts for those who choose the right card is the winner of a gift, postage free.

Developing my sterling silver jewelry shop:

All sterling silver products will be new products which I purchase from jewelry world co.UK and resell. All can be purchased with or without gift boxes or with plastic bag clip bags as postage will also be included to customer paid for by the buyer…so this will be up to you. With boxes postage will be slightly more, but if you want the items as a gift its great to have a box. Or if you want the box just to keep your product in for yourself. All products are always returnable and payment for them is by pay pal although other arrangement can be made. I love pay pal as it protects the customer and myself….throughout the purchase.

My shop will be on face book and Instagram:


Instagram AND Facebook and will start it as a shop and also an additional part will be video ran with products for sale and prizes attached. Presently having products already showing helps with developing followers and likes with the love of people seeing my products, etc… my face book shop will be on https://business.facebook.com/greatdaysahead/ this is where I start genuinely selling sterling silver products and will attach to Instagram.

I can safely say I am soon near the end and the beginning of the development…just need to get a card printed

check my packaging of products.

Purchase of products.

My development further of prizes within the videos setting etc…

Few more stages to go then I will be off with shop open to public and videos running too. Hooray!

Once started I will let you in again so you can see more…hope you have enjoyed reading my update and please feel free to drop into the shop have a browse and keep updated..thank you all.

Anthea xx

My email should you wish to contact me isanthea3pointsaboutyellowjewellry@bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net and antheacharles220@gmail.com

Also, please support me by leaving comments.


WELCOME truth about Gold Jewelry

I would like to welcome all to a journey where all will see creative and classic products of real gold.

These are sold at great prices, Items created to last. Items are varied INCLUSIVE of Rings, Bracelets, Chains, brooches, earrings and plenty more. Enjoy PRODUCTS and which stem from various countries.

All are genuine real gold and therefore will last. I have found it interesting over the years in my venture selling jewelry from gold tone to sterling silver, vintage and real gold products, the amounts of differing products ladies go out to obtain for themselves.

Usually for special occasions and very often for everyday wear.

Sometimes I use to even have customers who would say they don’t know why they always buy jewelry they have so much…but they would still continue to buy.

Mainly seeing things they like and enjoy… I think I called it the Adornment and the appreciation of a woman..adding beauty to their journey and additional gift to whatever they wear. Jewelry does have a history and I can trace it in variety of countries Egypt, Africa, Celtic and plenty more places…

I think woman are continuous to wear it.

Wow! don’t worry it can also be an investment, gift and plenty more…so let me welcome you again and enjoy the journey and find something fantastic!

Contact here to help have any subject that I can assist with discuss with me –

email:anthea3pointsaboutyellowjewellry@bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net and antheacharles220@gmail.com


can be left on the Welcome pages for comments. Looking forward to the rewards which are there for and the length and spans spent looking will be very rewarding.

I think I look for jewelry a great deal,

I aim to please all my customers….

Without hesitation I would love to encourage a start today.

Something loved and cant resist not to worry it’s awesome! Ever thought like this and then thought no.

YES it’s OK to buy and enjoy what prod./s of choice is/are.

With confidence and purchase and then the wearing with confidence knowing that purchase is a rewarding product. Good luck.

That’s right the comments page will give a contact too.

Record experience of that purchase…e.g bought a ring I love it …it’s a bit like a gossip page and so helpful.

It tells others about it all. Experience and the result from buying and e.g bought a chain and the wrapping had been iffy….

I must say in my over 20 years of experience selling jewelry products I have only had 2 or 3 returns and plenty good comments so I do hope this continues but still please always try to leave an honest feedback…this is also helpful progressively …oh no me saying all this, imagine if someone says it stinks…

No I hope not- I support I am leaving myself out in the open here but I will love good feedback so I will strive to create good things for my customer…..

Awesome journey bye for now… Anthea Charles.

click on shop now to see more products. Please share

About Anthea

I started selling jewelry over 20 years ago selling a good well-known product which had been only gold tone within car boot sales.

These were a fashionable product and sold very well. Then I loved sterling silver /vintage jewelry and would sell these also in a car boot setting. Also, selling some gold products.

I gave up car booting in 2017 and between this time a couple of years before had started a group on Facebook called real gold and sterling silver group.

This group is still running and presents a platform for others to get their products of jewelry seen and sold. I then started an additional real gold and sterling silver group which are still running now and are based on hobby first most and people are continuing to join the groups.

I am now aged 59 years old and in my younger days ran my own projects which were based on healing and artistic creativity groups as a community worked based on developments of community nurseries and youth clubs.

Professions in life e.g home help work catering cleaning counseling therapy work art groups women groups girls group work. Vegetarian cookery group for youth work.

My health is generous, although I had been born with thyroid problems and have now been called thyroidal which does not prevent me ..and I tend to always think positive and stay motivated.

Although, sometime forgetful but always virtuous. I have one daughter who is now grown up and still lives with me and am still presently also training with wealthy affiliates.

Products choice

Products choice The product I have chosen to sell this time. Still, real gold. A creative classic modern product which is already known and I am as an affiliate.

This can be found link below, as I have now also joined wealthy affiliates..see link below ..if this can support you in any way don’t wait to join too.

(Click on the links) http://bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net/ https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c..


Another thing About Anthea. I am also an Artist and love to paint oils on canvas, Water co lour paintings and am a vegetarian.

For support Email:anthea3pointsaboutyellowjewellry@bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net and antheacharles220@gmail.com


Hi there I have a love for jewelry which are sterling silver and real gold…. I see it as an adornment. Adding gorgeous embracing and enhancing your daily outfits.

Jewelry can be also be sentimental giving and attracting compliments from others and given as a gift. A beautiful gift can also be an adornment to brighten up your day.

I also find it seems like you can never have enough jewelry, as a woman.

You go to work and wear jewelry, go to the launderette and wear jewelry and also wear on special occasions e.g weddings birthdays and for a variety of many more reasons.

I class it as an investment ‘OF SENTIMENTALITY’ and once bought it may last many years…

With this I’d love to introduce to you lovely real gold jewelry products and therefore want you to enjoy them.

These are a modern classic range from an already known range of products…

Although I love vintage sterling silver, charm bracelets and old looking jewelry I think this product is also gorgeous and love the presentation packaging they come in. This adds to why I love them.

Adornment(see video attached) https://youtu.be/cC6826daE6w which also breaks into the reason i have a love further of jewelry Anceient Egyptology.

Well jewelry has been and is still an adornment and enrichment for woman in many countries Africa, Egypt and Celtic and old English, Swiss, India and plenty more places.

With this it is also encouraging noting Real gold is also collect- able and kept, passing it on to others within the family.

Some people even collecting coins in gold now.

My love of jewelry has made it impossible not to attempt to create another avenue for my niche and for others to also feel the treasure of buying gold. In the venture that you see lovely products that are always available to you.

To be adorned is a gift and can be self created e.g as a woman in my younger days to bless my day I would buy myself a lovely brunch of flowers to enlighten my day.

This is what I mean by adornment to give yourself something additional to the day. A gesture to yourself or to someone else which engages a nice meaning behind it.

I think in this day and age this is needed..and therefore an adornment is a good gesture to behold…. Something I love to encourage.

Having introduced you to this product which is real gold I hope you enjoy the product.

When looking for your product should be enjoyable there is plenty variety I am sure you will see something you love…and please feel free to leave comments to ensure support after your experience of purchase and helpful to let others know if you are pleased with your purchase.

Thank you once again for the support and hope you enjoyed reading the Introduction /Adornment page and watching Egyptian products as well as modern day pages .

Which I must say I enjoyed creating and will continue to venture to create more, thank you…

happiness in your life always…Anthea Charles.

For addtional support i have also added my email detail antheacharles220@gmail.com and anthea3pointsaboutyellowjewellry@bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net

Thank you kindly for all support given Anthea xx

Everyday gold we wear to work

Everyday gold we wear to work

Who goes to sleep with their jewelry on???

I reckon a lot of women do … I hear they keep their earrings on their rings on …what have you heard about it, they keep their chains on..for fear of self- strangulation.

Its nice to know they are safe I suppose or is it just habit???

I should not be joking about this although I love my comfort so I am just saying not really saying what’s wrong or right !

My mind set is to just say what I’ve heard from other woman on these habits not to deter and not to laugh.

What I don’t understand is why?and then we go out to work with them on.

Well Make-up is done everyday so that’s why I am finding it unusual…

Its nice to have a jewelry box or more than one and you keep your products inside that and now you can change your gig each day or whenever or how often to suit your gear !

It’s like we do wear outfits daily sometimes accept if you’re in jeans with differing tops. Jewelry is special then too.

I think I am with it with an engagement ring or wedding ring that’s different. There is a place if you do worry about these questions and comments in you’re daily life https://www.betterhelp.com/ genuine therapist that may be of help. Today I am being cautious and although meaning the above would like to concentrate on products what we tend to wear to work and the generosity they bring to our outfits.

Showing you some simple not too pricey products that you can wear to work…

Hopefully these will match plenty outfits and can be varied, subtle and still embrace what you want to do …make yourself look nice. These are from Amazon https://amzn.to/2MFGGtd and are plentiful in variety and not too pricey hope you can see brands you recognize too.

The support network is on the Amazon page when you make a purchase but i have also added my email anthea3pointsaboutyellowjewellry@bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net should you wish to make contact for support of any kind or another email detail is antheacharles220@gmail.com

Thank you All the best Anthea xx

First love – Sterling silver.

Take a look

My first love had been Sterling silver ! Progress report.

Well as I have a long journey I use to even sell elegance fashion jewelry…which customer would thoroughly enjoy and purchase up to 4 products a time.

Initially as I had also been a reader and invented my own cards to do readings I would be in the town halls and down Golbourne road off Portobella Market with sterling silver and most initial products were hand made. These were designed by me using old vintage beads sometimes and sterling silver I would buy from convent garden.

As well as turning up to do readings across the town halls in the UK I would also have my own jewelry with additional Arts of geographical drawings. My products were also sold up high street Kensington, Camden and Shepherds bush Market.

My love for sterling silver or any genuine silver stretches a long way back forever I would say and I do also love gold…but it’s the healing that the sterling silver gives and the connection to the Moon.

Why I am letting you know – to keep you in touch with my reality.

Really as I have created a niche for gold business…but I would not love to neglect what I primarily love- Silver.

I will take you through my development briefly which is connecting better now and which is attached to face book and my Instagram account. Still, in development as always and contact growing of followers.

I would also love to input this attachment to my business and therefore have included it. Not to lose actual genuine contact of the customer base.

Its development is nearing the time of creating the shop professionally and attaching them together, the Facebook and the Instagram. I have still shown products to people who have also become followers to engage interest.

Bear in mind that the face of the shop still gold can be purchased but I have also included a separate shop section for all sterling silver/silver products which will go well as I have been selling them for years.

greatdaysahead is where you may find me on Facebook. This will have sterling silver products new products and a section for vintage or older products. See some pictures e.g’s when you click on e.g greatdaysahead. In there I will also have a lovely modern sterling silver section and sometimes vintage secondhand sterling silver within my shop.

From thereafter reading up on background rules of Facebook I will also be doing some with Instagram and sign in so customers can purchase from me.

There is also a up section for if you have any problems with purchases a separate group i have created where you may communicate with me just called Anthea Charles group

This greatdaysahead project will be my new shop of sterling silver so as well as seeing gold on my business page there will be and extension and a way for you to buy sterling silver as always from me.

Although different i have added a video musically inclined and inspiring my point always do the things you love in life … Also, an additional gift from me.

Now if you do get stuck in finding me you can also email meanthea3pointsaboutyellowjewellry@bestplacebuygoldjewelry.net

Thank you so much for your patience with me setting up and that but still hope you have enjoyed reading my pages and keep good lots of love…. Anthea xx